Lack of Sexual Intimacy Puts an End to a Marriage! Know How to Overcome It?

Lack of Sexual Intimacy

A relationship or marriage needs love to survive till the end, true! But, it’s not the only thing. Also, sexual intimacy after marriage or marital sex isn’t the only important thing, but one of the major aspects of survival! I am sure most of you will agree with both statements. Marriage or relationship problems are inevitable as nothing in a relationship is easy. Sometimes it’s lack of communication, intimacy issues, lack of attention, etc. it can be anything. 

Relationships require a shared commitment to succeed, but disagreements aren’t always the problem. People become more at ease in their relationships as they become content, and things may deteriorate. It might be simple to forget to set aside time for one another once you get into a pattern. Lack of communication in a relationship and lack of sexual intimacy find their roots so easily if you don’t pay proper attention. Even if the honeymoon period is undoubtedly temporary, you still need to maintain the intimacy you had at first. 

Your closeness levels may decline if you’re preoccupied with work, friends, and household duties, possibly even without your awareness. We all require love and affection, both emotionally and physically, however, some people are more intimate than others. Relationships suffer in many different ways when it’s absent.

Are you sailing in the same boat? Experiencing similar things? Don’t be frightened. Here, we will discuss intimacy issues and relationship problems caused by it. And, will let you know ways to overcome it because we believe that no relationship should die on such petty things.

Why Sexual Intimacy is so Important? 

You might ask this question in your head, or you might have heard this question from your partner! Well, IT IS HIGHLY NEEDED, AND HERE’S WHY!

Sex is an intimate, emotional, and more than simply physical act. Couples that have this deep, special connection to each other become closer and their bond gets stronger. It helps the couple understand and recognize each other’s needs, promotes emotional and physical closeness, and helps them feel at ease and comfortable around one another. Additionally, it increases their sense of self-worth by making them feel appealing and desired by their spouse.

Sex is essential in a marriage for another reason: it helps ease tension and anxiety. Endorphins are naturally occurring mood enhancers that the body releases during sexual activity and can help reduce tension and anxiety. This may result in a happier and more at ease pair, which will benefit other aspects of their relationship.

Furthermore, having sex might enhance physical well-being. Frequent intercourse has been associated with lowered blood pressure, a better immune system, and a lower risk of heart disease. Additionally, it can aid in pain alleviation since sex releases endorphins, which have a natural analgesic effect. In general, having sex can improve a married couple’s emotional and physical health in several ways.

First, let’s talk about what could be the reasons that can cause a marriage to lack sexual intimacy and create major relationship or marriage problems.

  • A marriage may lack sexual intimacy for some reasons. Here are five typical examples:
  • Health problems such as persistent pain, disease, or adverse drug reactions.
  • Psychological or emotional issues such as trauma, anxiety, or depression.
  • Relationship problems such as unsolved disputes, a deficiency of emotional bonding, or adultery.
  • Varying tastes or inclinations in terms of sex.
  • Workplace stress, money troubles, or caring obligations take up time and energy that could be used for sexual intimacy.

Harsh Effects of Intimacy Issues and the Relationship Problems Caused by the Same!

Intimacy issues can severely impact relationships by eroding trust, fostering secrecy, and diminishing emotional and physical closeness. The resulting decline in communication and sexual connection often leads to frustration and resentment, creating a cycle of relationship strain. Addressing these issues through open communication and seeking professional help is crucial for rebuilding a strong and healthy connection.

Emotional Effects

Sometimes a couple struggles to connect and share the special intimacy that comes with physical intimacy, a sexless marriage undermines the emotional connection between the couple. Feelings of irritation, resentment, emotional estrangement, and even sadness might result from it. Couples that don’t have sex are unable to share the emotional sensations that come with sharing sex, which leads to emotional estrangement. This frequently results in a communication breakdown and has a detrimental effect on a marriage’s general quality.

In addition, avoiding physical touch and affection—both crucial elements of emotional intimacy—can result in sexual intimacy issues. The hormone oxytocin, which fosters closeness and bonding, is released during physical contact. Couples who don’t often touch each other may feel less connected and more apart. Additionally, this may result in a decline in the relationship’s general level of happiness and contentment.

Physical Effects

The absence of sex is also linked to bodily consequences that can result in health problems. It may result in erectile dysfunction, dry vagina, reduced desire, and other sexual dysfunctions. Studies have indicated that sex increases the generation of antibodies that help fight off illness, thus it may potentially have an effect on the immune system. Moreover, studies have connected increased self-esteem, better sleep, and improved cardiovascular health to physical closeness.

Apart from the above-listed medical effects, obesity, and reduced physical activity can also result from a sexless marriage. This is due to the fact that having sex can raise heart rate and burn calories, much like exercise. Without this exercise, people could become more inactive and put on weight, which can result in a number of additional health problems like diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease.

Furthermore, tension and anxiety levels can rise as a result of a lack of physical connection. It’s been demonstrated that having sex lowers stress levels and increases happiness and contentment. Without this release, people would feel more stressed and anxious, which could be harmful to their physical and emotional well-being.

Psychological Effects

It is impossible to overestimate the psychological effects of a sexless marriage. Anger, bitterness, low self-esteem, and feelings of inadequacy might result from it. It may also have an effect on how each partner views the other and themselves. Infidelity may result from insufficient sex because couples may look for affection outside of their marriage.

In addition, a lack of physical closeness might have an impact on a partner’s emotional bond. Couples who don’t engage in frequent sexual activity may find it difficult to connect and may grow apart. The gap starts with a lack of communication in a relationship which seems little but may cause the relationship as a whole to fail, and it may even lead to separation or divorce.

Ways to Revivify Sexual Intimacy and Say Bye-Bye to Relationship Problems!

Restoring the closeness between partners who haven’t had any sex calls for work, patience, and dedication. It entails figuring out how to develop both physical and emotional intimacy as well as rekindle that sexual spark. Couples can, for instance, experiment with various sexual positions, introduce novel sexual experiences, schedule time just for one another, alter their everyday schedules, or partake in enjoyable non-sexual activities together. Couples can resolve their problems and find strategies to strengthen their sexual bond with the assistance of professional counseling and therapy.

Rekindling intimacy and sexual desire in a marriage is a shared task, it is crucial to remember. To strengthen their sexual bond, lovers must be prepared to work together and put in some effort. In this process, communication is essential because it enables both couples to respectfully and safely communicate their needs and desires. Additionally, since growth could take time and setbacks might happen, it’s critical to have understanding and patience. Couples can fortify their relationship and rekindle their passion in their marriage with commitment and an openness to trying new things.

More Ways If You Want to Try Something Different

Enjoy Sexual Activity Without Penetration or Intercourse

It can be beneficial for couples to enjoy each other in new ways if they believe that their lack of sexual activity has rendered their marriage sexless. If you often only try penetration, for instance, you may try oral sex, playing with toys, or acting out a fantasy. 

To test how long they can go without having sex, some couples may try making out or kissing for extended lengths of time. Others could read up on new positions or play a game like sex dice. Sometimes, one or both partners’ dissatisfaction with your existing sex habits can be the cause of a lack of intimacy and a low desire to have sex in the future. 

Look Into Other Options For Intimacy

Consider exploring non-sexual forms of closeness if one spouse finds sex bothersome or if there is a lack of sexual connection. For instance, you may write each other love notes, hold hands more frequently, or share a kiss before work. It is believed that couples’ level of relationship satisfaction was influenced by their perception of intimacy and happiness during kissing. This might sound not so wild, but it can be a game changer in handling intimacy issues.

Look for Professional Help

Resolving intimacy issues in relationships may necessitate expert assistance. Professional counseling or therapy can help couples explore their sexual expectations and desires and improve their communication and interpersonal skills. Couples can better understand each other’s distinct backgrounds and experiences by getting professional assistance. In the end, it may facilitate a couple’s reconciliation.

Address the Root Causes

Lacking sexual intimacy in a marriage is frequently a sign of more serious problems including stress, worry, despair, or unresolved disputes. Couples can strengthen their emotional bond and reestablish sexual closeness by addressing these underlying problems.


While desire demands mystery, love appreciates knowing everything about the other. If familiarity and repetition foster love, then repetition numbs sexuality. Mysteries, the new, and the unexpected are what feed it. Whereas desire is about seeking, love is about having. Desire gains from the persistence of elusiveness. However, all too frequently, couples stop stoking their desire as they get comfortable in their relationship. You should never let the mystery fade. Be upfront in doing wild things together. Do whatever you do while keeping your spouse in mind. This can be a baby step in building an emotional bond which will eventually strengthen your sexual intimacy. Be open to communicating your wildest fantasies and DO NOT shy away from practicing them. If you or your partner want to be goofy in public places, do it (p.s. be careful)! Be all and everything for each other and you won’t look back.

For more guidance, you can seek professional help, YOU SHOULD IF NEEDED! 

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